International Marketing

I have been working 10 years in the field international Sales & Marketing and achieved a wide range of competences:

  • Prepare reports (i.e. revenue, lead generation, market share, sales forecast)
  • Data research and preparation for development of budget planning, strategic planning and marketing concepts (i.e. competition analyses, product portfolio analyses, top seller report, trend development)
  • Analyse and prepare data for measurement of Marketing activities (i.e. leads, revenue growth, cost and success control, RoI)
  • Preparation of calculations
  • Development of templates according to Corporate Design (i.e., master presentations, letter heads, invoices, offers, reports, forecasts)
  • Development of business plans for optimum support for distributors
  • Digital Marketing:
    • Development and implementation of a digital marketing strategy
    • Execute, analyse and optimize Marketing campaigns for preparation of trade shows, events and other sales activities
    • Lead generation via Google advertisements
    • Execute SEO activities
    • Plan and execute Social Media activities
    • Preparation and optimization of Affiliate Marketing
    • Cost- and success monitoring of Marketing activities
  • Co Operation with Key Opinion Leader worldwide for trainings and specialist lecture at congresses, trade shows and events to guarantee a successful realization
  • Co-operation with international PR agencies
  • Organisation of internal and external meetings, events, trade shows and incentive trips with 5 to 350 attendees

You can benefit from too. Please contact me.

I am pleased to support you for projects, as interims solution for staff shortages and peak periods or for repetitive tasks.

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